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12 Aug

Tom + Susanne

If you are looking for a top performer, someone not scared to take action, and a genuinely nice guy… meet Tom Sullivan (pictured here with his fiance Susanne). Within a 1
11 Jun


The great thing with working with beginning investors is watching their growth and witnessing their success. If they can make it past the first hurdle, it usually happens like this….
05 Mar

Sharon + Clint

Sharon and Clint have been with us for a couple years now and have been patiently observing and learning the different aspects of Real Estate investing. Once they were comfortable
14 Jan

Lynn + Herman

One of the greatest things when working with a beginning Real Estate investor is to witness them achieve things they never thought possible. Lynn and Herman picked up a couple
22 Aug

Chris + Brooke

Chris and Brooke have been as absolute pleasure to work with. Although there were a few bumps along the way, there were many times we couldn’t stop laughing while out looking for
29 Apr


Meet Kaye, a Smart Home Choice’s member and she’s making some serious moves. Earlier this year she purchased her first property and filled it before her first mortgage payment. Kaye is currently
03 Nov

Harry + Hinti

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Harry and Hinti you’re missing out. These guys know what it takes to push through all adversities. What makes these 2 an
30 Sep

Kathy + Angelo

Meet Angelo and Kathy. If you want to meet people who are serious action takers…. look no further! Before we could finish explaining our program and how it all works

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