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19 Nov

It All Began With A Property Tour… | Joel and Jodi

In the summer of 2020 Jodi and myself came out to one of the Peterborough property tours offered by Gary and his team.  We saw what other investors were doing and it made us want to join in on the fun.  During the property tours, we were able to listen to some of the contractors discuss the work being completed on each property.  They spoke in great detail about the entire process to be undertaken from start to finish.  It was very helpful and made us want to be involved.

We met regularly with Quinton who guided us through a number of properties in the Peterborough area as we were looking for homes to convert into a multi family residence.  As luck would have it, a ‘turn-key’ legal duplex came on the market .  We were able to secure it thanks to some advice from Quinton and confirmation from the good folks handling the financials that this was doable.


As a member of the Smart Home Choice membership team, we had access to an extensive resource rolodex at our fingertips.  We had access to multiple financial professionals, legal advisers, insurance providers, home inspectors and a property management team all under one umbrella.


Gary, and Quinton were always accessible and each provided valuable insight on all aspects of the Peterborough market. Throughout this process we have been able to discuss the different options and come to a conclusion both of us are happy with.  Using the services of Smart Home Choice has been a great experience for us. We are already pondering what our next steps are to secure another property in 2021.


Thank you!!

Realtor – Quinton Cordick

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