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Gary Hibbert | Sales Rep @ Right at Home Realty | Say hi at gary@smarthomechoice.ca

Who am I? My name is Gary Hibbert and with my best friend Darlene we were able to start one of Durham’s fastest growing Real Estate investing company. Each day I get to work with action takers, learn from some of the best entrepreneurs in the business and mentor beginning investors looking to change their lives for the better. Being able to design a lifestyle of your choice is not an easy feat however, it’s attainable as long as you have passion and know what your why is. Why am I here? To help as many people get what they want so I can have and do everything I want. The next 100 years will be like the last 100 years, mixed with difficulties and opportunity. No more excuses, go and get what you want and I’ll see you soon.


pic_darleneDarlene Hibbert | Financing Consultant @ Butler Mortgages | Say hi at darlene@smarthomechoice.ca

If you were to ask me 10 years ago where I would see myself today, I never would have guessed co-owner in a real estate investment firm, working from home and a mortgage agent. Back then, 10 years ago life was simple working in the corporate world of work-pay, work-pay. Yes the concept of consistent pay was attractive, the only problem was there was no balance for work and home. I came across a business philosopher named Jim Rohn. There were 2 important lessons he taught me. The first one was: “The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.” The second one, "Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better." These philosophies allowed me to leave the corporate world and essentially opened my mind to a broader spectrum of creative entrepreneurial opportunity. I became my own boss.


Quinton Cordick | Sales Rep @ Right at Home Realty | Say hi at quinton@smarthomechoice.ca

Quinton is an established Real Estate agent with 7 years of solid experience. He recognizes every real estate transaction is a major financial event in his client’s lives. He prides himself on careful attention to each client's unique set of needs by delivering the services required to fully represent his clients with honesty and integrity. A graduate from York University with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications, Quinton went on to work in the field of communications. It is there where he honed his interpersonal and communication skills which he has carried forward to the world of real estate and investments. Quinton enjoys staying active through playing baseball and basketball. He is also a dedicated husband and father to his two children.


Christopher Hummell | Sales Rep @ Right at Home Realty | Say hi at christopher@smarthomechoice.ca

Christopher is a licenced real estate agent, and an investor himself. Christopher has a background in sales, public speaking and marketing. He prides himself on his people skills, and aspires to teaching others how to achieve their financial goals through real estate investing and taking action. One of his personal goals is to mentor disadvantaged youth to show them that anybody can be successful and achieve their dreams. He has a family with two beautiful young children whom he adores and loves to spend time with. He moved to the GTA from Montreal over 10 years ago and is fluent in French.


Paul St. Aubin| Sales Rep @ Right at Home Realty | Say hi at paul@smarthomechoice.ca

Born and raised in the durham region,Paul is a second generation realtor with 15+ years experience. He graduated from Durham College on the President's Honour Roll For Tool and Die. By the age of 21 he purchased his first investment property, where he rented rooms to his friends and coworkers. That first property opened his eyes to the endless possibilities real estate investing could provide. From that moment he never looked back. He is a loving husband and father to his wife and 3 year old daughter and is anxiously awaiting the newest addition to the family in December 2017.


Dathan Hackshaw| Sales Rep @ Right at Home Realty | Say hi at dathan@smarthomechoice.ca

Dathan was born and raised in the Pickering and GTA. He studied marketing and hospitality at Centennial College, which is a distinguishing factor in Dathan’s customer service skills. He also spent time working a number of roles within the telecom and consumer technology industries, but found his true calling in Real Estate. He is a dedicated and devoted father to a wonderful, bright and active daughter and firmly believes in the mantra that family being the cornerstone of who we are. He enjoys volleyball both indoor and beach and is a die-hard Raptors fan.


Charlene Ward | Administration | Say hi at investor@smarthomechoice.ca

Charlene is our administrator and takes good care of all our investors and rent to own applicants. Her background includes financing with a major banking institution. Charlene is proficient in customer service, bookkeeping & accounting, sales and everything Microsoft. Charlene is enthusiastic and is passionate to be working in the real estate industry. Charlene grew up and still resides in Toronto. We are very appreciative to have an admin to assist with the overflow of tenant and investor calls and service needs.


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