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Your coach is there to push you beyond your limits and what you thought was possible.

Faster Results

They can give you the map, they know the short cuts because they've already been there before and are there for you to point you in the right direction.

Ideas You Never Thought Of

Sometimes it's that one little idea that can take you to the next level, saving you not only time but also money.

Builds Self Confidence

Becoming a person who can work towards a certain level of commitment and discipline will no doubt bring self-confidence within the individual.

Coaching & Mentoring

Smart Home Choice offers in house Real Estate Coaching and Mentoring to all our clients.In addition we host monthly mastermind events, networking evenings, podcasts, videos and pretty much everything Real Estate.
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Property Management

Property Management can be a useful service for landlords who do not want to deal with tenants, collecting rent, and property maintenance issues.
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Contractor Consulting

Need help having your property legalized into 2 or more units?What if you had a Consultant Contractor assisting you with the legalization process?
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Registered Investment Strategies

Interested in investing your RRSP’s, TFSA’s or LIRA?What if you could invest your money with more security than you have in the stock market and earn fixed returns of at least 8% per year?
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When you join Smart Home Choice you get your own personal coach who will help you create a financial road map. A coach can ensure you start out ahead and go further than someone without a coach. A coach can take you from analysis paralysis to action taking within a few short months.
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