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20 Dec

Why Canada’s Real Estate Market Is Strong

I’m proud to say I’m Canadian! I sincerely think we have one of the best government in the world! The mortgage rules that were put in n place is what saved us and it’s been stated that Canada will lead the world out of the financial crisis.

If anyone is curious as to what happened in the U.S. and why Canada remains strong as a result of our strong regulations……. have a view of this 10 minute video. It’s a simplistic explanation of what not to do as a Country. Watch this informative and will crafted video below.

So at the end of the day, this isn’t just about buying homes. What were building and providing is a service for you our investors and just as equally our tenants. thanks for reading.

How the U.S. got itself into a HOT MESS!!

So until next time… Make the Smart Choice.

Gary Hibbert

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