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26 Jun

They Claimed Because He Never Lived, He Never Really Died

PLEASE read the short story below, it helped change the decisions I made and the life I’ve lived over the last 6 years… but before you do I have to say thanks to Linda (office administrator) and Tony (branch manager) for their continued mentoring.

Support, guidance and mentoring is everything! This is a picture with me receiving the Chairman’s Award with Linda. This award recognizes the top 3% of the Right At Home sales force for 2013 based on unit volume, and dollar volume for 2013.

Although my name is not the ONLY one that should be on it.

Without Linda’s and Tony’s support this wouldn’t of been possible. I asked a million questions and they answer a million and 1. WOW….. how incredible is that.

NOTE: We have officially started our summer hiatus. Our next MASTERMIND EVENT will be in September and we have some great speakers lined up. Although we are taking a break… we will be busy working on implementing new ideas and strategies to ensure our investors that work close with us are making the right decisions to create wealth and cash-flow for years to come.

So how do we accomplish this daunting task??

SIMPLE….. we hang out with leaders and Entrepreneurs who live breath and teach Real Estate investing every day and every night. Mentorship and continuous education is what helps us get up early in the morning and stay up late at night.

Let me share an important message with you. You should copy and stick this on your bathroom mirror;

You will always be self employed.. even if you work at a 9-5 job or you are an entrepreneur.

Risk taking is the only way you will ever get security, if you seek security you are taking the greatest risk of all. If you take the calculated risk you create your own security. Let me share a simple story with you that may help illustrate this.

There was a very cautious man that never laughed or never cried, he never won he never tried. He rarely talked he rarely played. Then one day he passed away and his insurance was denied. They claimed because he never lived, he never really died! You never want to seek security because risk taking is security making.

Design the life you want today…. don’t wait, life is too short!

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