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12 Nov

The Monster Under Your Bed Is Stealing All Your Money

Remember when you were a kid and being scared of that mean scary monster under your bed? The one that would start making noises after your mom or dad turned the lights off and they went downstairs? I’m sure you remember that pounding in your heart, but more importantly you had to try and lay completely still because if you moved… that slithering monster was going to hear you for sure!!

Then we grow up and relaize that the monster under the bed was never really there…. or was it?

You see, as you get older that monster moves from under your bed to inside your head and continues to create the same types of fear you had when you were a kid. I know it’s true because I fight those same fears today.

The fear of investing in Real Estate
The fear of public speaking
The fear of failing

When we first started Smart Home Choice we feared that we could never get people to come out to our seminars to listen to what we had to say. I share this with you because each of us have our own fears buried deep inside. The key is to identify the fears you have, and face them head on! Of course it sounds easy when your typing it in a newsletter but to actually face those fears each and every day can sometimes a bit more difficult. So how do we handle our fears?

Here the top 5 things we do to make the monster in our head take a back seat.

Do you ever notice that when men exercise and they start to get some bicep and chest growth that they stick their chest out like a rooster or roll up their sleeves to show their muscles? They do this because it’s a huge confidence builder. Woman start to wear clothes that are more fitted to show off their curves. But not only are the physical contributions a huge confidence builder the chemicals your body produces is also very important. It helps to stimulate your brain allowing you to think much quicker and clearer.

A BIG Compelling Vision
If you don’t have a vision of where you want to be in the next five years it makes it a bit more difficult jumping ot of bed in the morning. You need to find something you love to do that makes you hate going to bed and can’t wait to wake up in the morning. What’s your why?? If you decide to invest in Real Estate why are you doing it? To quit your full time job? To purchase your vacation home in Bahamas? Have money for your kids education? If you are thinking about your dreams constantly, it makes it easier for the monster in your head to take a back seat.

Join Mastermind Groups
When you see and meet other people being successful it drives you to be successful as well. When you go to these events and you see someone who is successful sitting right beside you what do you instantly say in your head?? If this guy/girl can do it, I can definetely do it for sure!! The other benefit about Mastermind groups is hanging out with like minded people. Talking about investing in Real Estate at these events are much more beneficial then asking your co-worker at the water cooler how to invest in Real Estate but they own no property.

Take Massive Action
You need to do this because most plans fail. What I mean by this is, when we first started Smart Home Choice our business idea failed several times before we got it right. There are many things we continue to fail at today but because we are doing so many things in a day we are bound to get something right. Our office is in a state of chaos, disaster, paper all over the place, phone ringing etc. Guess what.. that’s what success looks like. Look at any successful business today… They are crazy busy. I’m sure some of you work for companies like this so you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Money Follows Speed
If you truly want to be successful it’s an all out war. Money follows speed and the faster you are implementing things the faster money wil come to you. What 20 new things are you doing to create success today? Do you want to get into Real Eatate investing but have no money? How much time did you spend today on find a joint venture partner who has money? When your moving fast and creating success you have less time to worry about fear and failure, your too busy taking action.

When you combine these 5 important steps into your daily life you are so busy creating your DREAM that the monster inside you has a hard time getting any air play. When you sit down in front of the couch to watch T.V. for 5 hours after work 5 days a week, it’s much easier for that demon to get lots of air time.

Your NOT good enough
You’ll never succeed why even start
You have to have money to be successful.

Take control of that monster. If you don’t, the monster will take control of you and guess what… that MONSTER doesn’t have much planned for you.

Until next time…. Make The Smart Choice.

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