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26 Jun

The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made! Video Attached

The biggest mistake I ever made was not trusting my gut instincts. If I did, I would have gotten into real estate investing a long time ago. It was something I always wanted to get into from my early 20’s but, the gripping feeling of fear always held me back as it does most other people. The main reason most people don’t get into Real Estate investing is lack of knowledge and all the scary stories they hear at work by the water cooler.

Stories from Friends that start off like, ‘my aunts, brothers, sisters nephew got into real estate investing and lost his shirt, DON’T DO IT!”

Now, if you came out to last weeks members event you would of heard a completely different story. We had 7 of our members who become real estate investors sit in front of a SOLD OUT room and share their stories of success by following a proven technique that works. For your benefit, I’ve attached a 4 minute snip-it video of some of the questions and answers from this 2 hour educational event.

Click here to watch this video

I wanted to take this time to personally thank each and everyone of our members on the panel and also everyone in the audience for coming out and being apart of this event. It was a great energy in the room and the responses we got from everyone that attended was positive.

I remember when we first attempted to launch SHC(Smart Home Choice) Investor we were shutdown by several lawyers saying our concept wouldn’t work. We pushed through, did meetings in our living room and now had a packed room in only 2 short years of business. It was an amazing feeling and we thank each and everyone of you for being a part of our growing family.

If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions for any up coming events, please let us know, we would love to hear from you. As well, if you have any testimonials you would like to share, please send them in.

Gary Hibbert

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