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30 Apr

Natasha + Paul

member_paulI remember when I first met Paul at our FREE Introductory Fast Start Training Class, he was in the front row drilling Don and I with some tough questions!! At the end of the seminar I thought to myself… there is NO WAY this guy is signing up! They did and are on a roll! They successfully filled one RTO property on their own (Property First) and are out again looking for another rental property! If you meet these guys at one of our Up Coming Events, make sure you have a chat with them.

Here is what they had to say:

Before we discovered Smart Home Choice, we dove into real estate investing with rental units; a very difficult and time consuming investment to say the least!

We had attended multiple real estate investment seminars, each promising to teach us how to make serious money in real estate (some even asking for over $10,000!!) but none presented us with an easy, step-by-step process like Smart Home Choice. One thing we learned from this whole experience is that the only thing preventing us from becoming successful real estate investors was lack of motivation.  After the full day training session, not only did we have a proven process plan to start our Rent to Own investment, but we were also provided with all the necessary legal agreements and documents. Smart Home Choice is a one stop shop for Rent to Own Investors. They provided the real estate agent, mortgage broker, lawyer and insurance agent. They even advertised and attended the open houses!

The whole process could not have gone smoother. We took possession of our property April 11th, we found our tenants at our first open house on April 14th, signed agreements on April 22nd, and cashed their cheques when they moved in on May 1st!

We′ve attended many of SHC′s educational events where experts share valuable information on topics such as joint ventures, estate planning, financial strategies, etc. I′d have to say the most valuable was the joint venture networking event. Despite the fact that we were not ready for another RTO deal on our own, this event gave us the opportunity to find the right partner and set up a collaborative deal. We started looking for our next investment property that same month!
Smart Home Choice has really helped us advance our investment portfolio and opened our eyes to how easy real estate investing can be!

A huge thank you to Gary, Darlene and Don for helping us make our dreams come true!

Natasha + Paul

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