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22 Aug

My Aunt Suzy Has Money!

I heard this great story the other day from a friend. I thought it was so powerful that I had to share it with you each of you.

There was a couple (Steve and Mary) that had good jobs made enough money for their family to put a roof over their heads, have some home cook meals and take their kids to see a movie from time to time. They both hated their jobs but that did not matter because Steve had an aunt that was very rich.

She had told him that he was her favourite nephew out of them all and that they were going to get all of her riches. Once they heard this, they of course flowered her with presents and invited her over for dinner many times throughout the year to make sure she (aunt Suzy) kept them close to heart.

Time went on and Aunt Suzy looked better than ever. You see, Steve and his family line had some great genes. Aunt Suzy was in her sixties while Steve and his wife were in their mid 30’s. It dawned on Steve and Mary one day….

what if Aunt Suzy lives for another 25 years, if she does we’ll be in our 60’s before we even see any of that money?!’

At that moment both Steve and Mary knew they had to make some drastic changes in their lives and they did. As the years went on Steve founded his own company that became very successful and Mary went back to school and landed a job in a career she always wanted. Within the next 5 to 6 years they became financially independent and no longer required the money from aunt Suzy to enjoy the riches of life. Sure enough, aunt Suzy lived until the ripe old age of 95.

When it came time for the reading of the will, Steve and his 6 other siblings sat in on the reading. At this time Steve and Mary were not concerned with any of the money that would be inherited by them since they were financial secure however, his brothers and sisters were not so well off and needed the money. Believe it or not, aunt Suzy had told each and every one of the siblings that they were her favourite niece or nephew.

When the will was finally read guess what……. aunt Suzy was penny less!! She was living off the kindness of good fortune of each of the nieces and nephews up until her final day.

So what’s holding you back in life….. who is your aunt Suzy?

Don’t wait for someone to come along to help you. If you don’t design your own life and have your own plans guess what… you will fall into someone else’s plan. You have one life to live so live it to the fullest and don’t me scared to make mistakes. The more problems you have in life is a good thing.

It means that you are taking more action in life. They say that God wraps your problems in the form of a gift. It’s up to you to figure out what you you are suppose to learn from each of the problems God gives you.

Until next time…. Make the Smart Choice!

Gary Hibbert

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