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30 Sep

Kathy + Angelo

member_angeloMeet Angelo and Kathy. If you want to meet people who are serious action takers…. look no further! Before we could finish explaining our program and how it all works they were signing papers, posting ads and booking appointments for tenants to see their new rental property. During their first open house when we arrived, we knew that they would have no problems filing the home. They knew exactly what they were doing, received a HEFTY down payment and followed all the steps outlined in The Smart Guide to Real Estate Investing. These guys are on the hunt for another home and it doesn’t look like they have any plans on slowing down anytime soon!

Congrats on being Septembers’s Member of the Month! Here is what they had to say:

When we first were introduced to Smart Home Choice, we knew that the program made perfect sense. We were looking to invest in real estate via rentals but were a bit skeptical as our first rental property did not provide us with the best experience.  Smart Home Choice made our rent to own journey not only an exciting one, but also very educational. Everyone has been an enormous help in providing us with the information we needed in order to host open houses and explain the rent to own program answering any questions that anyone might have. Not only that, but you also get to work with an amazing team that will make the process as easy as can be. With such a great team by your side it is virtually impossible to fail! Our first rent to own tenants will be moving in on Sept. 1st. We can’t wait to start looking for our second property and many more after that!

Kathy + Angelo

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