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07 Aug

Just Do It!

Just Do it!!!
Today was an incredibly busy day. First I started off with returning all the calls from our clients (3 – 4 hours) that are looking to get into Rent to Own….. right after that I went over to our neighbour to help them with the landscaping of their backyard. Now I’m not sure if any of us truly knew what we were doing…. but so far it looks great but most importantly…. we’re having fun!!
After all my muscles finally ceased up on me we decided it was time to eat. Wow!!! did we ever eat. It was a great meal however, there was something missing…. dessert.

Now it took about 30 minutes to put air in all the tires, dust off the cobwebs and convince my wife it was a great idea….. actually the convincing took the full 30 minutes. But once she got home she loved the ride and is now thinking about purchasing her very own bike. Who would of thought!!!

So 5 adults who don’t ride very often plus and my 9 year old daughter decided we would go for a 15 minute bike ride to Marble Slabs at 8pm. On our way back (shortly after 10pm), we saw 2 beautiful deers galloping in the fields and at that same moment I felt just as free as they were.

I think that’s why I love Michael Jordan’s slogan so much. JUST DO IT!!

You’ll never know your full potential or your greatness until you complete this step. Whether you have personal aspirations, you may be a student, a real estate investor, an entrepreneur, regardless of your specialized area of business – It’s time to Just Do it!!

Maybe you want to expand, to grow in different niches, to attract more clients, to launch a speaking career, to write a book, to purchase your 1st, 2nd or even 3rd property or to venture into entrepreneurship.  It’s time to get from theory to action. Even if you don’t have all the tools you need to Just Do it!!

Here are 4 Tips to help you get there:

  1. Use the end results you want as motivation to get you where you desire to go – Remind yourself everyday of what you desire and what you want to achieve.
  2. Don’t over-think it! – Things will never be perfect, don’t wait for the perfect time or wait for when you think you have all the information. There will always be something new to learn.
  3. Surround yourself with people that understand you and genuinely support your vision – Remember, ‘great minds think alike’ – they will be able to hold you accountable to your objectives and lovingly stare you back to them if you go off track.
  4. Get a coach or a mentor – Top performers and highly successful people all have coaches. Find someone you respect and admire that have successfully done what you aspire to do. A conversation with a coach can refresh your mind, offer you a new perspective and provide you with wise success counsel.

Gary Hibbert

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