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07 Aug

Is Now the Right Time to Invest? What Happened to the U.S.?

Just my opinions

Now on to the fun stuff and my opinion as to where things are heading. So how do you make heads or tails of what’s happening in the economy? One headline reads ‘Head for the hills the sky is falling’!! You flip the page to read that 80,000 people are moving to the GTA every year and that they have a housing crisis as only 20,000 condo units can be made each year at full tilt.

So who do you believe…. what actions should you take? To help give you some clarity, the best advise that I got about three years ago was…… take action!! That’s it. Interest rates go up and interest rates go down but the bottom line is…….people will always need somewhere to live.
What’s important is make sure that it’s cash-flowing month after month, year after year and we can teach you just that.At our last seminar after the presentation was complete, a good conversation started to brew about the stock market and real estate and what was a better investment.
I’ve seen people make money in both however, I would have to say the safest by far is buying a home. Here’s why. Google is the most powerful search engine on the net and is known world wide by almost everyone on this planet. If I’m not mistaken, I believe their stock price is just over $500 a share….. that’s crazy!! But what if some smart 12 year kid decides to write a program and calls if Woogle.
Now Woogle is going to be much better than Google, here’s why…… it can have breakfast cooked before you get up, get the kids ready for school, start your car a few minutes before you leave your home, search the internet for what you’re
interested in before you even thought about what you were interested in (far fetched, but it could happen).

Now what happens to Google after this brilliant kid works his magic? Does Google now become a Nortel stock? Who knows.

A house on the other hand is tangible. The house your in today will be there 20 years from now. You can see it, a crew of men built it, the wind shouldn’t blow it down (if it does you have insurance) and most importantly it provides shelter…… something that every human on this planet needs.

Why Canada’s Real Estate Market is Strong

I’m proud to say I’m Canadian! I sincerely think we have one of the best government in the world! The mortgage rules that were put in n place is what saved us and it’s been stated that Canada will lead the world out of the financial crisis.

If anyone is curious as to what happened in the U.S. and why Canada remains strong as a result of our strong regulations.

Have a view of this 10 minute video. It’s a simplistic explanation of what not to do as a Country. Watch this informative and will crafted video below.

So at the end of the day, this isn’t just about buying homes. What were building and providing is a service for you our investors and just as equally our tenants. thanks for reading.

How the U.S. got itself into a hot mess!

Gary Hibbert

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