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08 Aug

How To Turn 1 Home into 5 Streams of Income

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It’s not what happens to you it’s what you do about it that makes the difference – Wilson Mitchell
How To Turn 1 Home Into 5 Streams Of Income

Another Rent to Own success story for another one of our investors! I’ve known Heather for a number of year now, and she has always been interested in real estate but wasn’t sure on how to take the first step. To tell you the truth….. Heather actually help inspire me to take the path that I’m on right now. for over 10 years every time I saw her she was talking about Real Estate and looking at Real Estate. The only thing holding her back was the question…. ‘what if it went wrong’. Once she saw our step by step process and how simple it was, she dived right in.

She’s completed her first rent to own home and is currently in the process of purchasing her second within a span of a few months. She went from bench warmer to scoring goals faster than we did. Congratulations Heather! Here’s what she had to say about the property she bought.
I had been interested in investing in real estate for a long time but didn’t have the knowledge or courage to take the first step.  After attending one of the Smart Home Choice seminars I was hooked. The SHC team are knowledgeable, professional and available every step of the way. They helped make my first experience with real estate investing as smooth as possible.
I have now purchased my 2nd investment property through SHC and already have a
future homeowner ready to move in.
Thank you Smart Home Choice!!  Heather
For our New Members

In case you didn’t know…… my name is Gary Hibbert and together with my wife, Darlene and Don Foley we started our own company called Smart Home Choice.

Now my goal is to try and grab your attention quickly and explain to you what we do.

When I first started working in the Corporate world I loved it…. but after a few years of raises and added responsibilities by income stagnated. What I found was that I couldn’t maintain the lifestyle that I wanted and my raises were getting smaller and smaller each year.
So I asked myself one important question….

Why were some people successful while others were trapped in the rat race? The more I searched I continued to find the one thing each wealthy person had in common- in their portfolio was owning multiple Real Estate properties.

But I didn’t want to be a landlord… I heard way too many horror stories. Then I came across the Rent to Own concept.

At first I wasn’t convinced. Why would I want to sell my home after a few years? But the more I investigated and studied the concept, the more I realized that to be successful in life you had to do this one thing…… the more people you help achieve what they want, you can have anything you want!!

Rent to Own is a Win Win scenario. In 2 short years we now own close to 10 homes and we continue to teach investors our simple step by step process.

We’ll teach you everything we know for free. Yes for free!! No gimmicks no Bullshi….!! But for a limited time of course!

I’ll show you how we went from working for money to creating money.

Give us a call today if you’re interested in not only helping yourself but other families as well.

Free Consultation in Your Own Home
If you’re interested in having a one on one presentation or with a group of friends at your home…. let us know and we would be more than happy to make the arrangements.

We’ll cover;

  • The mistakes most people make when getting into investment properties
  • How to get your tenants to maintain your home and pay for minor repairs
  • How to collect a minimum of $8000.00 from your tenant before they even get the keys to your home
  • Why cash-flow is so important and what we look for in a property
  • What does the new Mortgage rule mean to investors and the benefits it has to you
  • How to generate a higher ROI (return on investment) than any stock or mutual fund can offer
  • Where are the current hot spots to buy
  • How to generate 5 streams of income from one property
  • plus much more……

So until next time…. Make the Smart Choice.

Gary Hibbert

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