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03 Nov

Harry + Hinti

member_harryIf you haven’t had a chance to meet Harry and Hinti you’re missing out. These guys know what it takes to push through all adversities. What makes these 2 an incredible dynamic duo is their will to work through every challenge with a smile still intact. This is such an important trait to have especially in the world of Real Estate investing. These 2 cape crusaders have acquired a couple rental properties this year already and have huge goals outlined for the next few months. True action takers ready to Rock n’ Roll! Congrats on being November’s Member of the Month from all of us at Smart Home Choice.

Here is what they had to say:

My husband and I are real estate investors and had the good fortune of crossing paths with the SHC team.  We decided to do our first Rent to Own under SHC’s guidance and expertise.

Rent to Own is an important part of our real estate business plan since we enjoyed the opportunity to help families in difficult financial situations      become home owners.  Our first Rent to Own experience taught us that when your plans are not unfolding as anticipated, it is important to persist and stay focused, keeping your goal in mind. Be resourceful and creative, use any opposition that you encounter as a catalyst to move forward and continue forward.  Remember; with SHC on your side, you have an experience and caring team to support you along the way.

We would like to thank the SHC team for their support, guidance and knowledge. We look forward to helping more families in becoming home owners in the near future and appreciate having a strong and considerate team working with us.

Hinti + Harry

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