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13 Nov

Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands | Dwayne and Antoinette

Dwayne and Antoinette have started an incredible journey and are focused!  We met Dwayne and Antoinette in our Fast Start training class for brand new investors this year. They attended because, like many of us, they want to move away from their 9-5 grinds and spend more time on their family.

They have their eyes set on the prize and after completing their Financing Strategy Call with Darlene, and guidance from their coach Christopher, were able to purchase a cash-flowing property in Peterborough. They are in the process of acquiring their second rental and are well on their way mastering this new endeavour.

Realtor – Chris Hummell

Dwayne and I had a vision of what we wanted for our future; however, we just did not know how to make our dreams come true. We decided to take action and to take some steps in seeking the necessary knowledge to become real estate investors. We never thought we would be blessed in meeting such a dynamic group that could support and nourish our growth.

After attending the free Fast Start Real Estate Investing Workshop For Beginning Investors, Dwayne and I knew immediately that this group was what we needed to propel us in the right direction. We gained the needed confidence and the fear of failing gradually diminished. We realized we found the right experts we needed to ensure that we will be successful.  Christopher Hummel made this transition extremely painless and he has provided us with the knowledge we need to move forward on our real estate journey.

Since we have been a part of the group; we have gained so much knowledge about real estate investments and financial strategies that have assisted us in purchasing our first real estate property in Peterborough. We have had the opportunity to meet many experts in the specialized fields and we have learned which expert to call if the need should arise.

We have learned to stay humble and to put our trust in the right people and success will be inevitable. Dwayne and I now recognized that the future belongs to us and with the guidance of Smart Home Choice we are prepared for it.

We feel blessed to have found Smart Home Choice.

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