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03 Dec

Durham Region Making Moves

DURHAM REGION making moves.

If you’re looking to make money in real estate in an area that’s still very affordable, then Durham Region should be a location you are considering.

Within the last year I’ve assisted over 30 Real Estate investors start or grow their Real Estate investment portfolio in this growing community.

The region’s population projections are heading upward for the next 10 years. By 2031, Durham’s population is expected to go from its current 600,000 to one million people.

What’s driving this growth? The energy and environment sectors, along with Ontario Power Generation alone employ about 9,000 people. “We are Ontario’s energy capital”, when you consider more than 30 per cent of the province’s energy is produced locally.

This creates a demand for rental properties, especially 2 unit dwellings with basement suites. These have become the main source for affordable homes. Durham’s close proximity to Toronto, quality of life, public transportation system, Hwy. 407 & 401 expansion, and growth projections, make it an ideal area for investing.

“Find a niche and fill it.” There are many families looking for affordable housing in Durham. Rent to Own, Single family residence or Multi family residence each have their pro’s and con’s but are all lucrative ways to generate great cash flow and wealth.

The next 5 years is going to pass regardless. Real Estate investing is a fantastic investment vehicle if you have a Real Estate investment team you can count on.

So to close out the year, I’ll end it on this note;
If you are thinking about investing in Real Estate or have already started and want to grow your portfolio. Make the decision and affirm no one will stop you from achieving your goals for 2015, no matter what.

Money is not the obstacle, it’s your belief system… now go get what you want!!

We are taking appointments, offering free consultations for 2015 goal setting. Make the call and start off the new year with a well laid out road map.

Seasons Greeting and Happy New Year!

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