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14 Feb

2 Properties in 4 Months | The Toban’s

This adventure was a long time coming as I wanted to experience the world of real estate investing for about 10 years prior, however my husband was very skeptical and at the time was not interested.  In the meantime, I would read any books related to real estate or attend seminars on how to invest in real estate.  In June 2021, my husband finally said he was ready to take the leap after a lot of peer pressure from myself and his cousin. This cousin was the one to refer us to Smart Home Choice.

We were introduced to Christopher Hummell, our Investor Realtor Ninja.  Chris was charismatic, easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable in all things real estate.  We would visit many properties and some we had no appreciation for – but Chris would put a very optimistic spin on every flaw and change our outlook on how to look for great investments.  He helped us curb “analysis paralysis” and taught us logical decision-making when looking at properties.   It wasn’t until we met Chris that we truly understood the principles of BRRRR and how to increase our cash flow.  Thanks to Chris, we were able to purchase two properties in 4 months and begin the journey of creating generational wealth for our children.  We are now much closer to financial freedom.

God sent our angel (Chris) at the right time and now there is no looking back.  We will continue to work with Chris to attain more properties and grow as Real Estate Investors.  Thank you so much Chris and Smart Home Choice for assisting our family with building a legacy.

Rowan and Romayne

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