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11 Jun


memberofmonth-158x158The great thing with working with beginning investors is watching their growth and witnessing their success. If they can make it past the first hurdle, it usually happens like this….





  • They attend their very first seminar, they’re intrigued but have some reservation.
  • Usually on their 2nd or 3rd event… you can see the lightbulb turn on and they get excited.
  • They begin to ask a million questions then figure out the investing strategy they prefer.
  • When they finally dive in, they gasp for air and realize… they didn’t sink to the bottom.


Welcome to the world of Real Estate investing… YES, anyone can do this if you ONLY believe!


Once Seta realized she could swim in the game of Real Estate investing, there was no stopping her. She had limited funds and limited Real Estate Investing knowledge when she started, just like me and everyone else.


If you are looking for that needed push and inspiration, she has an incredible story to tell.


Her story has reminded me of the importance of never giving up no matter how difficult it may seem.


When I first came to Canada 28 years ago, we visited my cousin who sponsored us. She had a house like a castle and I could see she felt like princess!


On our way back home, I was in my own thoughts, promising myself to be in similar position one day in my own castle.


It took me 15 years of HARD work to have my own comfortable house but my DREAMS grew BIGGER!


One day I decided I would no longer depend solely on my bi weekly paycheques. I was planning to have freedom from my 9-5 job. I had to find a way to generate extra cash flow without depending on someone else.


I decided I would invest in Real Estate and booked an appointment with a Financial Advisor. After discussing with her my future dreams, I left her office with a broken heart.


I didn’t give up. I was convinced that Real Estate Investing was the best way of building equity however, at that time in my life I didn’t feel I was able to accomplish this dream.


Working in the Financial Industry myself and with mortgage rates being so attractive, I still couldn’t figure out how to invest in Real Estate.


What I was missing was the guidance, education and the push.


My daughter had already invested in 3 homes…


She introduced me to Gary and Darlene from Smart Home Choice.


I became a member and started attending their meetings and seminars. Each time I learned more and more and started trusting them. I knew I was on the right path and getting closer to my dreams.


After six months of meeting Gary and Darlene, I was the owner of my first beautiful investment property in Bowmanville.


I didn’t stop there!


3 months passed and I purchased my second investment property (a detached home).


Finally, I completed my 3rd property shortly afterwards.


Gary was always there and found time from his busy schedule to provide me with the guidance I needed.


It’s been a great journey in this important chapter of my life. A dream come true which I could never have done without them.


Now, I am hunting for my 4th one. WISH ME LUCK!


Thank you Darlene and Gary for all your support and help.

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