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03 Feb

Let Me Tell You A Secret

So here’s one of life’s best SECRETS. Almost everything you want to know about living an abundant life has already been written, spoken and taught. Your mission if you choose to accept is to search and find it.

Now I’m not an expert on the BIBLE but it’s one of the bestselling books of all time. Now whether you believe in it or not is up to you but you have to agree, there are some incredible teachings and quotes that can change your life if you decide to listen and put them into practice.

Here’s one of my favourites…

In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

Now before I continue, keep this in mind as well as it’s just as important. Be careful what you wish for. What you ask for may not always come from your hard work but from an unexpected source.

Back in 2005 I decided to start searching. For almost 2 years I looked, read, and watched everything I thought would help but nothing was connecting with me. It’s difficult to find what you’re looking for when you have no idea what you’re looking for. Than one summer my brother introduced me to a video that would change my life forever. The SECRET. Now if you’ve watched it, watch it again. If you haven’t watched it, add it to your to do list.

Here is what the Secret teaches you.



Most people will brush this off as wishful thinking. I know I did in the beginning. All I have to do is ask, believe and receive and it will happen… whatever!

How could success be that simple? Here’s another secret, IT’S NOT!

Here’s why so many people that decide to watch this video will not achieve their desires. They’re scared to take the most important step because they are scared of failing. However, failing is important since you learn more from losing than you do winning. So what’s the missing ingredient?


Here’s why most people won’t take the ACTION. They think they need a batting average of 1000. Look at some of the best baseball players in the major leagues. They average a batting average of .300. Meaning, out of 1000 balls, they only hit the ball 300 times or 30% of the times yet they get paid millions of dollars.

In 1 year my team and I will implement anywhere between 100 new ideas each year and only 10 to 15 of them actually work or manifest to anything worthwhile. In other words, we fail more times than we succeed.

Now, here is something very important about taking action.

Before you can take the action you need clarity and to get clarity you need to plan your day before you start your day.

Here’s a great example. You decide you want to start investing in Real Estate. You finally decide to purchase your first home, to find your tenant and things are going well. You tell a friend or family member and usually the first thing they tell you is, “do you have any idea how RISKY Real Estate investing is? Your tenants are going to destroy your home, the market is going to crash or how could you jeopardize your family like this?”

Now you can listen to these opinions or understand this important lesson.

Cynics are people who have forgotten their own dreams.

Too many people focus on what others are doing and are not focused on their own dreams and aspirations. If I’m worried about what is going on in your life means I’m not focused on what’s going on in mine.

Being wealthy isn’t ONLY about money. Wealth is about harmony between your mind, body and soul. So how do you become wealthy? It starts with your thoughts first. For things to change, YOU have to change.

Be optimistic in everything you do, future intentions determine present actions.

It’s not what you get in life, it’s what you become. – Jim Rohn

Here’s the last SECRET I’ll share with you;

To be wealthy, study wealth
to be healthy, study health
To be happy, study happiness

Watch the secret, listen to the message and take ACTION because there’s nothing you can’t do unless you believe you can’t. Go to your library, attend networking events or take someone out for lunch that is where you want to be in life.

Happiness is only in the moment. It doesn’t lie in the future. Don’t get caught up in trying to attain happiness in the future, embrace what is happening around you today.

Now if Real Estate isn’t for you, that’s fine. The key is to fine something that will produce income for you weekly, monthly and yearly while you sleep, play and enjoy life.

To set this up takes time, hard work, dedication and discipline.

Remember this;

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:  – The BIBLE


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