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28 Apr

An Investor Shares His Secrets to Success | Randy

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Randy is a passionate and successful entrepreneur and experienced real estate investor.  One thing I love is helping people map out their goals and helping them get what they want. I especially love the education component where I’m able to use my experience, and mistakes, to help them move forward in their investing career. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to take a break from that and work with someone with a good amount of knowledge and experience and a clear vision of what they want.  Randy understands the power of OPM (other people’s money), leverage, partnerships and what they can do for his investing goals.

Working with Randy is awesome.
Chris Hummell

I successfully transitioned to self employment 13 years ago to pursue my entrepreneurial passion after 10 years working in the corporate world as an Electronics Engineer and later a Project Manager. The transition from working at a job to self employment was both difficult and extremely rewarding for me.

Real Estate investment was very important in my transition from job to self employed small business owner.  Prior to leaving regular employment, I was able to purchase two rental properties.  The cash flow and equity produced from these properties provided a small safety net and the courage needed to break free of the rat race, leave my job, and start my own business.

I now operate two companies.  The first is which sells new & used goods at discount prices and has locations in Toronto, Scarborough, and Ajax.  The second business is my Real Estate Investment business focused primarily on Joint Venture Real Estate Investments in the Durham Region and Clarington.

I first became involved with Smart Home Choice, almost 3 years ago, because I wanted to learn about the rent-to-own investment model.  I chose to join SHC because the membership fee was low, the club was small and thus less intimidating, and the people running the club were friendly and welcoming.

Shortly after joining the SHC club I completed two rent-to-own deals.  Over time, my investment strategy has shifted and I now prefer a long term buy-hold-refinance model.

I have recently developed a Joint Venture structure that allows investors to partner with me and to grow their real estate portfolio with little of their own money.  Using this model, I completed two Joint Venture deals last month and purchased two properties—both located in Bowmanville.  I am still looking for more JV partners and am hoping to purchase one or two more properties this year.  If you want to invest in Real Estate but don’t have enough money for a down payment, the best way to solve your problem may be a joint venture.

Real Estate is a great investment for me because I prefer physical assets to paper assets.  No other investment allows leverage and the use of other people’s money quite like Real Estate does!  I also believe that in the current economic environment, strategically chosen Real Estate investments will earn a much greater return on investment than the stock market.  The final bonus is the tax savings Real Estate can provide.

My hope is to continue meeting other Real Estate investors and to find ways that we can profit together.  I believe that a small group working together can achieve much more than an individual working alone and I use this philosophy to grow my Joint Venture portfolio.

Randy Cleveland
Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, & Real Estate Investor
[email protected]   

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