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10 Aug

Episode 74 – Rent To Own The Right Way w/Alfonso Salemi

Gary chats this episode with his good friend Alfonso Salemi from JAAG Properties.  They talked about how Alfonso got started; the mindset required to do this; and what rent to own is all about.

What you’ll learn:

  • What book prompted his start in real estate
  • How he transitioned from active to passive income
  • Why his original income goal was only $25,000
  • Why he started taking courses to increase his knowledge
  • He didn’t have a lot of $$$ when he started in real estate
  • What his first deal was like, and how many families he had to go through before he could help his 1st family
  • What lessons he learned from his first deal and what expenses were incurred
  • Was his first deal a solo deal?
  • Why mindset of ‘just going and doing it’ is so important
  • Why he had a mentor
  • Why the 4 hour Workweek is not plausible, but contains vital information
  • Why it’s important while you are pursuing your financial freedom, that you still enjoy each day, and being present
  • Why time is more important in many ways than money
  • Is ‘rent to own’ still a viable option heading into a pandemic?
  • Does rent to own work in up and down economies?
  • And MORE!

Alfonso’s Bio

Alfonso Salemi is out in the community sharing his passion for rent-to-own and the benefits it can bring to people’s lives. Every day he thrives on these interactions and enjoys helping others with their biggest purchase. Alfonso is often the first person on the JAAG Properties’ team to meet with Tenant Buyers. He also works with investors and outlines the personal and financial benefits of the JAAG program to them. He is the company’s conduit to realtors, brokers and others in the world of real estate.

Alfonso attended Mohawk College and uses his knowledge gained there, plus his experience in real estate, blended with his people skills and his intuition for making excellent community contacts to ensure that the benefits of working with JAAG as an investor or tenant-buyer and real estate professional are well known.

Alfonso values JAAG’s team approach to the Rent-To-Own model and its benefit to all parties. He knows that all parties must be committed to ensure the successful completion of each Rent-To-Own program. Tenant Buyers must show their commitment to fixing their credit; investors need to be committed to the investment and seeing the buyer succeed.  JAAG’s strength is the ability to create win-win-win Rent-To-Own programs.

As a true ‘people person,’ Alfonso likes to hear the stories that JAAG Properties clients share about their journeys to home ownership. In the time since JAAG Properties incorporated in 2014, he has learned about people of all walks of life. Everyone has a story, and Alfonso listens to it. He is grateful that he gets to be part of the tenant-buyer’s success in achieving their dreams of owning a home and the investor’s dreams of making money while helping others. Bringing those entities together is one of the things that Alfonso values most about his role at JAAG.

Alfonso runs JAAG Properties’ Burlington office and is active in the community, having founded the REITE Club, a real estate networking group to encourage excellence communication and growth among like-minded professionals.

As a proponent of the benefits of Rent-To-Own and how it can enable those who have experienced roadblocks to become homeowners, Alfonso often talks to community and business groups inform them about JAAG’s Rent-To-Own program. Alfonso thinks that it’s unfortunate that people often think that they can’t recover from bankruptcy or consumer proposal and that owning a home is out of reach for them. Showing how it is possible to own a home – if they are willing to do what is needed – is one of the best things about his job.

To get in touch with Alfonso email [email protected]

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