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08 Jul

Episode 71 – Investing in Real Estate During a Pandemic with The Real Estate Empresses

The Real Estate Empresses are Sarah Larbi, Gabrielle Campbell, Jenn Richter, Jessica-Ann Buchta. This podcast was recorded in May, & while they were speculating about what might happen in the market due to COVID, a lot of it has come true.

They discussed how they have shifted their investments since the pandemic began; also about whether a second wave would happen & its effects; censorship; the narrative that the mainstream media is telling; how to pandemic proof your life!

What you’ll learn:

  • Sophisticated buyers are still buying, house flippers & professional landlords
  • Great deals are out there, fewer offers, fewer buyers less competition
  • Some properties ARE receiving multiple offers
  • This is still a great time to buy your first investment property
  • Lower supply issues
  • Prices are fairly stable, what about year to year
  • Why new or first time buyers are hesitant
  • Wholesale deals are still happening, makes it easier for sellers
  • Why today is STILL better than buying tomorrow
  • Now may be the best time to get into multi-family projects – older landlords may want to offload properties, good cashflow
  • Spend 90% of your time on ‘your main thing’ & 10% on what’s next
  • No perfect time to buy
  • Don’t try & hit a home run, just get to first base
  • What happens when CERB runs out, & mortgage deferrals stop
  • Other programs from both provincial & the federal government
  • Ripple effect during the second wave
  • What about rental market
  • Immigration fuels the economy, but the border is closed
  • Why you should have multiple sources of income
  • Pandemics are happening with greater frequency, each one is different
  • Why the Empresses are ensuring their business is recession, internet & pandemic-proof
  • & MORE!


Sarah Larbi had the drive & focus to embark, build & grow a seven-figure, 10 property investment portfolio by her early 30’s, all whilst full-time employed. Known as the BRRRR Expert, her results-oriented approach has been featured in numerous Canadian media, on the stage at events like Canadian Real Estate Wealth Investor Forum & as a guest on many North American finance-focused podcasts.

Sarah hosts her own podcast “Where Should I Invest?”, which reached the Top 50 of All Time for Canadian Investing on Apple podcasts & is also co-founder of The REITE Club & co-hosts their own successful podcast.

Gabrielle Campbell is the owner of Regalway Homes with her husband. Starting her investing journey purchasing new builds with a sustainable footprint in the Milton area followed by the first complete reno, their portfolio now consists of over 10 doors with a shifted focus to acquiring multifamily homes in both Canada & the US.

Jenn Richter of Double E Properties has grown an 11 property portfolio with her husband while

still raising two young girls.

Featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine, Jenn is an active member of her community locally & in the real estate investing space where she is often found MC-ing couples games at investor meetings or speaking at local teal estate events about her journey.

Jessica-Ann Buchta completed $50Million+ in real estate deals by age 30 while working full-time as a lawyer in the energy sector.  Known as the Air BnB Queen, Jess specialized in luxury cottage rentals & high-end long-term rental properties across Ontario & now focuses on purchasing off-market multifamily properties.

She began her real estate investing journey with fix & flips before moving on to run Canada’s largest wholesaling business, purchasing off-market, under-value properties with her husband.

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