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29 Jun

Episode 70 – Finding Your Awesome with Randy Gill

Randy Gill on Finding Your Awesome! They talked about mindset, gratitude and giving back to the community.

Gary provides 3 ideas and tips that he uses to help him life!

What you’ll learn:

* Why now is a GREAT time to examine your life and make changes!
* What was the moment that crystallized his desire to do more for underprivileged kids
* Their opportunity gives hope and opportunity to those that are lacking in both
* How many communities are impacted by their work in their 10 year journey
* How Their Opportunity gives back, but expects those receiving help to pass it on, and give back as well
* How they have created a cycle of generosity
* Why it’s important that they are invited into communities
* What is the intake process for someone wanting their child to be part of Their Opportunity
* Why Randy is the ‘hope dispenser’
* Why hope is stronger than fear, especially during COVID times
* Why you should believe that good things are about to happen
* When you go into a situation with ‘fear first’, you derail the opportunity
* Be mindful, so that you don’t miss opportunities and gratitude can rise
* How is Randy affected by the pandemic, and how business has shifted
* What types of currency are businesses giving and receiving now – hard currency, goodwill…what added value are businesses giving
* How Randy’s currency is now Instagram lives and virtual conversations
* Digital currency – likes, shares, etc are very powerful
* What are ‘relationCHITS’, and how they impact relationSHIPS
* Why giving with your business first, especially during the startup phase – customers and client will realize that giving back is a pillar of your business, and will be more loyal to a business than others that focus on getting
* What is Finding Your Awesome – you’ll become more creative and focused
* And MORE!


Randy Gill is the President & Founder of Their Opportunity, a registered charity that exists to provide under-serviced families with the means to enroll their children in local sports & recreation programs. Randy and his team of game changers look to remove barriers to access as well as advocate for children to give them the opportunity to develop the confidence, social skills and healthy lifestyle attainable through sport and community engagement.

Randy has been described as a “passionate and energetic community leader with a true heart for the under-serviced population.” Randy also is a sought-after public speaker who has addressed thousands of people across the country with a message of pursuing your passions, dispensing hope and generosity, community, leveling the playing field and finding your awesome.

This former pro hockey player coaches hockey at the local rinks, consulting for NFPs & Charities or serving on several committees in a volunteer capacity, such as Chairing the Durham College Program Advisory Committee and Advancing Access to Affordable Recreation in Durham (AAARD). Randy is actively serving on the Parasport Games Committee and the Adaptive Sport Collective. He also devotes time to helping many other local initiatives and organizations, such as The Refuge and St. Vincent’s Kitchen.

Randy has been married to his lovely bride for over 24 years. Together they have a teenage son who keeps them hopping and living life to the fullest.

Phone: 905-444-9992, Ext. 9994
Instagram: @theiropp

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