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22 Jun

Episode 69 – UnF#ck Your Life with Aslan Mirkalami

Gary chatted with his good friend Aslan Mirkalami, an author and The Result Doctor! They talked about a wide range of topics…

What you’ll learn:

  • Why every belief we have is a lie
  • How you become like the people you are in close proximity to
  • Why people that become wealthy all share a certain set of beliefs – e.g. they don’t believe money is evil, or you don’t have to be an evil person to be wealthy
  • They don’t have beliefs like “I’m not worthy of money…”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “Money is the root of all evil”, etc.
  • A belief is statement of idea without any physical proof
  • Aslan can show you how to dismantle limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones
  • The amount of hours you conscious mind is awake or aware
  • What a cashless society might look like, and what a new currency could be to replace it
  • Currencies such as cash and cheques convey confidence, and involve trust
  • Why the banks are your friend when you need services, but when times are tough they get tough
  • Aslan’s opinion on mental illness, COVID, the lockdown, mainstream media and more.
  • People are using alcohol more during the pandemic
  • Suicides are skyrocketing as well
  • Why happiness is our natural state
  • You were born to be happy, and you learn to be unhappy
  • Aslan believes that every child is a millionaire, and can do anything
  • Why happiness enhances your performance
  • Personal forgiveness is important
  • Why your children thrive or struggle based on the beliefs you instil in them
  • What does more money bring? More experiences…and more memories, then this leads to great happiness
  • And MORE!


Aslan Mirkalami is the founder of Result Doctor as an Executive result coach. All I am going to say is that people who work with him Become wealthy and rich and make a lot of money, so pay good attention, I will let him introduce himself.

He has authored the books, “Believing Is Seeing”, “Secrets of the Healthy Mind” and “Unfuck Your Life”, all available on his website below.


Phone: 416-258-0038

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Instagram: Aslan Mirkalami

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