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09 Jun

Episode 67 – Proactive Mental Health Strategies With Jen Couto

Proactive Mental Health Strategies

Gary chatted with Jen Couto, a trainer who has a passion for movement! She also helps women discover their best selves, and also worked in the mental health space. This journey also helped Jen deal with her own depression, self esteem issues

What you’ll learn:

  • How she migrated from an in person trainer to online training, and why she feels that yields better results
  • How she has created and fosters an online community for her clients
  • In person training is very focused
  • She guarantees results
  • Jen has both free and paid communities
  • People seem to be binge eating or not getting enough good nutrition
  • Why she asks clients what their ratio of good food to junk food that was eaten in the past week
  • She helps people increase activity and eat well when their bodies are under incredible stress during the pandemic
  • How sugar plays into stiffness
  • How Gary did 1 run this week and it made all the difference in the world
  • We may be able to be positive, but people are struggling
  • How to motivate yourself, especially now as people are stressed in the pandemic
  • How and why she creates a safe space for clients to share and talk about what’s happening to them now
  • How Jen works on her mindset now, and how it’s changed over the years
  • Why both Jen and Gary *still* use coaches
  • Why passion is not sustainable – and why sometimes it needs to be manufactured
  • Why you shouldn’t feel bad if your passion is not felt 24/7
  • Why you should focus on things you must do to focus your passion and help with mental health
  • Why you can damage a property and move to another, but your body is the only one you’ve got…you can’t just repair it at will – treat your body like a temple
  • And MORE!

Jen’s Bio

Jen is an Online Trainer currently living in Toronto who has a passion for life through movement. She has spent 5 years in the industry building a determination to help women in their quest to their best selves.

She’s a mother of three who has gone through bouts of depression and challenges with self esteem and body image. Jen believes in the power of healthy living to heal and develop the tools necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Her online training programs include daily accountability, a community of support, mindset coaching, and customized nutrition and fitness programming.

Contact Jen

Phone: 416.953.3449

Insta: @Hylif.str

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