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01 Jun

Episode 66 – The New World Order with Matt McKeever

Gary answers some questions that have been sent to him on Instagram first, then welcomed Matt McKeever, a young investor who quit his job at age 31, effectively retiring and living life as an investor full time. He started with rentals for students, and moved up to multi unit rental spaces. He and Gary had a robust chat on many topics, especially balancing the need for cash in an investment property vs. the time you devote to your investments!

What you’ll learn:

* EXPECT to make mistakes when you begin as a Real Estate investor

* Don’t let it stop you from taking action

* Surround yourself with a strong team

* You won’t hit a home run on your first property

* How Matt has repositioned due to the market realities of COVID

* Techniques to attract people to view properties virtually

* How commercial lenders are changing their rules almost weekly

* Why Matt started his YouTube channel for Canadian investors

* Is real estate investing still a worthwhile pursuit during a pandemic?

* Matt discusses how to determine what income level can afford certain property rents

* Will vacancy rates change due to COVID

* Are the million dollar flips in jeopardy

* Is commercial real estate experiencing pain

* will companies abandon expensive office space

* Will restaurants change/disappear due to commercial spaces

* Why cashflow is king

* Is the old world / old way of doing things gone forever?

* How more transactions will move online

* Innovation is playing a part how business operates during the pandemic

* Will there be a massive shift to online learning, with cost savings to universities

* Be clear on why you want to be an investor – what do you need vs. what you want

* The difference between information, knowledge, wisdom and experience

* What is the return on your time invested AS an investor

* Money is unlimited, time is a scarce resource

* You HAVE to make offers if you are an investor!

* And MORE!

Matt’s Bio

Matt McKeever is a Real Estate Investor, Youtuber with close to 60k followers with 5-10k views per day, a registered CPA and co-founder of Cashflow Tribe to help educate real estate investors.

At the age of 31, Matt retired to become a Real Estate Entrepreneur. He began investing in London, Ontario in 2010. In 2015, Matt quickly built up his real estate portfolio implementing the BRRRR strategy. At any given time he has over 100 units.

Matt also founded and hosted events such as the Ontario Real Estate Conference (OREC), the Vegas Entrepreneur Experience (#vee2018). Lastly he is the co-host of the ON FIRE podcast discussing financial independence with various folks around the world who are passionate about their financial freedom.

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