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16 Apr

Episode 60 – Hard Times Create Strong Men with Stefan Aarnio


In this episode, Gary speaks with Stefan Aarnio, a real estate investor with many years of experience.  Stefan has flipped thousands of properties, but also has experience with currency investing, and is a historical and current currency expert.

What you’ll learn

  • History lesson, what the past can teach investors about future economic patterns
  • The history of money – what former currencies still exist, and do they have relative value
  • Should people be looking at gold and silver as an alternative or continue to focus on Real Estate?
  • Should people take the mortgage deferral?
  • What should people be doing during these times? How do they protect themselves?
  • How long is this recovery going to take?
  • Are we going into a recession or a depression?
  • Canada and the US are firing up the printing presses – can they print us out of this?
  • Hard times create strong men – what cycle are we in – talk more on your book and what people can expect
  • What’s the future look like
  • What can people expect where that will tie in your newest book
  • And MORE!


Stefan Aarnio is an Award-Winning real estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Author and winner of the 2014 Rich Dad International Hall of Fame award. Starting with only $1200, Stefan has built a Multi-Million Dollar portfolio for himself and his partners and has been recognized on The Self-Made List.

Stefan runs a Podcast called “Respect The Grind” which is a series of interviews with elite people in various industries. The interviews are all about how it takes 10 years and 10 000 hours to achieve mastery in any practice and industry, and you must respect the grind!

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