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09 Jan

Episode #6 – Finding Your Path To Health with Amanda Perrone

What you will learn on this Podcast
• Does dieting work & can you continue eating foods you love
• For people on the go all day what should they bring with them
• What does Bio-Individuality mean and its importance
• The best apps. to download on your phone to stay healthy
• How simple it is to get into a meditation
• Are there foods you should stay away from in restaurants

This month’s Podcast is very different from what we normally focus on. On this Podcast we will be diving into the importance of health and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Amanda Perrone. She’ll be educating us on why we need to be very careful on what we put into our bodies and how to create a balanced home environment.

What’s the point in creating all this wealth if you don’t look after the only body you have to enjoy it later on in life?

Amanda Perrone is a Certified Health Coach and loving wife and mother. She is also has a passion for working with others to improve their health and family life

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