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28 Feb

Episode 56 – Identifying “Suite-Able” Properties, Converting Single Family Multi-Units With Ronald De Coteau

Ronald De Coteau, the owner of Property Pathways Inc. joins Gary Hibbert in the studio, along with co-host Quinton Cordick for an UNSCRIPTED podcast about real estate investing.

What you’ll learn on this Podcast:

  1. How Ronald got his start attending real estate clubs learning about buy & hold, fix & flip, and BRRR
  2. He bought his first home and rented part of it out, which is a great way to get started, as it likely won’t be your forever home
  3. Leveraging the equity in that first property allowed Ronald and his wife to purchase multiple investment properties
  4. Ronald uses several methods to invest – pre-construction; BRRRR – Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat
  5. How Property Pathways can assist BEFORE purchasing a property to ensure it is “Suite-Able”, and finding out after that the property can’t be converted
  6. How Property Pathways assists investors by providing assistance and advice to navigate the municipal bylaws and building code requirements
  7. How to build a successful portfolio as a real estate investor
  8. How Property Pathways helps investors buy a single family home and “BRRRR” it – adding a second unit to single family homes
  9. How Property Pathways assists with a renovation strategy, building permits, and the entire process
  10. How parking is becoming an important consideration for investment properties
  11. What are some of the BIGGEST mistakes an investor can make, and HOW to avoid these
  12. And MORE!



Ronald is the founder and president of Property Pathways and delivers on his promise to pioneer an enriched design and construction experience for real estate investors.

He started investing in real estate in 2016 and was surprisingly challenged to find a design or contractor that could explain the legal process of a secondary suite renovation. He set out to become the subject matter expert and the valuable resource to real estate investors throughout Ontario.

By leveraging his education and experience gained in the commercial construction sector, he created a hybrid service specific to real estate investors who focus on the creation of long term wealth by buying and holding or BRRR real estate.

He works with real estate investors and their real estate agents to identify Suite-Able properties and has the battle scars and relationship in municipalities throughout Ontario to prove it. Navigating the bylaw and building code requirements for a legal secondary suite bridges the gap and creates a Pathway between the problems associating with converting property and the profit that awaits the investors.

Our service is predicated on the belief that the building permitting process for real estate investors should be uniquely tailored and we achieve this through our four-phase design process that produces the detailed and easy to interpret permit drawings for a worry free construction process. Sit back, relax and enjoy today’s show.

Website: Property Pathways –

Instagram: Property Pathways

Phone: 647 870 1701

This podcast has been made possible by the support of:

ICPM – Investors Choice Property Management –

ICPM offers affordable residential property management in Durham region.

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