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28 Feb

Episode 55 – Why We’re The BEST Brokerage With Bob and Rhonda Best

Our new podcast studio is opened for business and what better way to usher in 2020 then to have the founders of Our Neighbourhood Realty, Bob and Rhonda Best to open the show.

With over 30+ years of experience Bob and Rhonda have built a unique and fast-growing Brokerage that offers weekly training for Realtors to help them grow. Training them on scripting, investing in Real Estate, the importance of mindset and so much more. This dynamic duo has lofty dreams to take their Brokerage nationwide and change the face of Real Estate.

Sit back, relax and enjoy today’s show.

What you’ll learn on this Podcast;

  1. How Bob and Rhonda met and why they decided to start their own Brokerage?
  2. Why being a Realtor is a lifestyle and not a career or job?
  3. How to build a successful Real Estate business as a Realtor
  4. How important is mindset when becoming a Realtor?
  5. How Bob and Rhonda came up with the name for their Brokerage
  6. What to look for before selecting a Brokerage
  7. When you set your goals, how BIG should you make it?
  8. The commission fees they offer and why it’s different from most Brokerages
  9. What Our Neighbourhood has to offer compared to other Brokerages
  10. The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people



With over 30+ years of combined real estate experience in the Greater Toronto Area, Bob and Rhonda have been the leaders of a successful real estate team and have held positions of leadership roles in various brokerages. It only made sense for them to take the next step and create something they were passionate about which allowed them to empower others on a larger platform with Our Neighbourhood Realty. Bob and Rhonda are devoted to their family and their community and have served on many community boards and sponsored many teams over the years.

They not only live in “Our Neighbourhood”, but they serve “Our Neighbourhood.” Their attitude is to always come from abundance and gratitude. This Journey of Blue is an exciting road ahead for them as they partner with lifelong friends, Luiz & Paula, and change the face of real estate.


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