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28 Feb

Episode 54 – How To Build A Real Estate Empire With Brady and Kristy MacDonald

This month I had the chance to sit down with Brady and Kristy McDonald. They started investing back in 2015 and in that short period of time they’ve been able to accumulate close to 100 homes!

They built their own mini empire with the help of an awesome team of 15 people. The cool thing with this dynamic duo is throughout 2018 and 2019 they were able to operate their business from the Bahamas and the Florida Keys for 6 months.

On this call you’ll learn their favourite strategies, if you should put yourself into debt, the best way to remove fear and the age-old question, should you work with family members or not.

Sit back, relax and enjoy today’s show.

What you’ll learn on this call;

  1. What motivated Brady and Kristy to look into Real Estate investing?
  2. Why joining a Real Estate investing club can alter your life and mindset?
  3. The BRRRR strategy and how it allows you to scale quickly
  4. The evolution to Joint Ventures and using other people’s money?
  5. The systems and process required to scale your Joint Venture partnerships
  6. The best way to remove fear for beginning investors and your JV partner?
  7. Should you work with family members when investing in Real Estate?
  8. The biggest mistake Brady and Kristy made and what you should do now?
  9. Should you put yourself in debt to buy an investment property and how?
  10. Their thoughts on mindset and should you write your goals down?


Brady and Kristy McDonald started investing in real estate in 2015 when they realized the wealth and freedom it could create for their family.  Since, they have both retired from their day jobs, purchased close to 100 properties, built an awesome team of 15, operate a Joint Venture Real Estate company, a property management company and a renovation company. Although still very busy while away, they were able to operate their businesses from the Bahamas and Florida Keys for 6 months throughout 2018 and 2019.


Facebook: Brady.mcdonald.73

Instagram: BK.Brady

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