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28 Feb

Episode 53 – Shared Housing For Senior Women With Debby Gilbert

This was an important podcast to me. My hat goes off to Debbie Gilbert for taking on this type of investing but more importantly truly trying to help seniors in her community one property at a time.

Debbie is the owner of Rosehill Heights, shared housing for senior women. One of the things that really hit me was that there are so many seniors living alone.  This can create social isolation for them, which leads to physical and mental health issues.  In fact, some studies have shown that social isolation can have a more negative effect on longevity than smoking 15 cigarettes a day!

What Debbie is doing is incredibly important to her community and I truly respect the work she’s doing to help.

Have a listen, she’s looking for investors to help her important cause.

What you’ll learn on this call;

  1. How using your car as a moving library can change your life.
  2. Why getting your hands dirty in the beginning can be a game changer?
  3. What is shared housing for senior living and is it a good investment opportunity?
  4. Why this type of investing strategy can save hundreds, maybe thousands of lives.
  5. Do you need a transition team and the important role they play?
  6. Is this a difficult investing strategy to implement and how do you get started?
  7. In 2030 25% of our population in Canada will be over the age of 65.
  8. What type of zoning is required for this type of investing?
  9. What is the golden Girls Bill and its importance to this type of investing strategy?
  10. Why shared housing is going to be a growing trend moving forward.



Debbie Gilbert was born and raised in Barrie.  Her career has been varied including running her own business, owning and operating a franchise, Executive Director of a local charity and working senior administrative positions in education and family mental health.  She believes all her work and life experience have developed skills that have brought her to her current career as a Real Estate Entrepreneur.

In 2015 she was downsized and outsources out of her J-O-B, and decided to get some formal education in real estate investing. She wasted no time in starting to build wealth through real estate. She remains a full-time investor who self-manages the properties in her portfolio which consists of several duplexes and student rentals in Barrie and Orillia. Debbie has done some coaching, some speaking, some writing and is a familiar face at many of the real estate investment groups in this area.

A difficult personal experience with an older person in 2017 inspired her new project, Rosehill Heights, shared housing for senior women.  She tells the whole story on a video on her website.


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