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10 Jan

Episode 52 – The Requirements to be Successful in Real Estate Investing With Dave D

This month I had the chance to interview one of my early mentors, Dave Dubeau. I first stumbled across Dave’s website around 2010 when I was just getting Smart Home Choice started. The knowledge, tips and strategies I learned from him in the start of my investing career allowed me to make leaps and bounds in Real Estate investing. I sincerely believe that if you take a few minutes out of your day, Dave will make an impact on your life as well.

What you’ll learn on this call;

How Dave did 18 deals in 18 months using a simple marketing technique
How to use multiple different strategies to create a win/win scenario
The strategy that Dave prefers today compared to his earlier methods
The biggest mistake Dave see’s most investors make in the beginning
The one thing that most real estate investors focus on to be successful
What’s the shiny stone syndrome and how to avoid it?
The most important thing you should never do when looking for a Joint Venture partner
What type of Joint Venture partner should you always stay away from?
How you can still succeed in real estate investing even if you’re not good at sales
What is the biggest fear most investors have to overcome?


Dave Dubeau is a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Investor Attraction Expert based in Kamloops, B.C. Canada. He began his real estate investing career in 2003 doing 18 deals in 18 months. He later switched his focus to client-first rent to own deals, and nowadays he invests in multi-family (apartment building) properties. For the last several years Dave has been the World’s #1 Investor Attraction “Imple-Mentor”. Using his proprietary 5 Step Money Partner Formula™, Dave helps his real estate entrepreneur clients to grow their portfolios significantly and in record time by attracting investors (instead of chasing after them).
website: – Get a complimentary copy of his new book

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