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09 Jan

Episode #5 – M.O.R.E Investing Strategies with Monika Jazyk, Gillian & Rachel Oliver

When you invest in Real Estate, you are going to make mistakes. There are no if and or but’s about it! One of the first investment properties I purchased made me want to quit investing in Real Estate within the first few months. Once I found the right team and started to understand the do’s and dont’s, my investing career took a turn in the right direction.

Looking for encouragement and guidance on how to invest in Real Estate? These 3 successful entrepreneurs will share their secrets on how they were able to raise a family and still have time to invest in Real Estate with no excuses.


Monika Jazyk is happily married and Mother of four. She is a Real Estate Investment Specialist who decided to stay home with her four children. To help supplement their income Monika and her husband Vaughan chose Real Estate as an investment vehicle to build passive income and long term wealth. They have created a successful Real Estate Portfolio and they are also the owners of a Real Estate Investment Corporation that helps Real Investors build Real wealth through Real Estate!

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Gillian likes to say she was an “accidental investor”, when she bought a duplex in downtown Toronto back in 2009 with little planning or preparation. She was able to ride the value up, refinance to get capital to keep growing. Gillian wanted to leave her job and provide long-term financial security for her disabled son and three other children. Gillian decided to become a serious student of real estate investing and combined what she learned with her professional skills as a market research analyst to purchase 35 doors in Southern Ontario in 18 months. Today, Gillian is a full time investor and entrepreneur, focused on student rental investing with joint venture partners.

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Rachel Oliver is an active real estate investor, international best-selling author, speaker and trainer. Determined to escape the rat race, Rachel found financial freedom with Lease Options. She is a founding partner of Clover Properties, best known for helping investors generate passive income and profit with purpose and integrity.

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