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10 Jan

Episode 49 – Creating Deep Pockets With Private Funds With Neil D’Souza

On today’s show I had the chance to sit down with a good friend of mine, Neil D’Souza. Neil is a mortgage agent who specializes in private mortgages and is very knowledgeable when it comes to this type of investing strategy. I’ve recently started investing in these types of deals and I can honestly say, I love them. This is the closest I’ve seen to being a passive type of investment.

There isn’t a right or wrong strategy, however there are strategies that suit your lifestyle and for me, this one fits my lifestyle for where I am in my career. We discussed a lot of important topics on this call. If you’re new to the world of private mortgages, Neil goes through the most important aspects of private mortgages and will leave you with a good understanding of how this all works. Enjoy.


Neil is a Licensed Mortgage Agent who specializes in Private Mortgage Investments. A busy family man, and former Government employee Neil has been in the investing world for over a decade starting with income properties and now showing small and large investors alike how to be the bank and earn secure, contracted returns through private lending in up, down or sideways real estate markets. Starting his own business Ontario Private Mortgages to advise and assist investors, and to help borrowers secure needed real estate funding.

What you’ll you learn on this call:

  1. What’s a private mortgage and how does it differ from the traditional investments?
  2. Where Neil acquired the skillset to properly be able assess the risk of private mortgages
  3. Why do families/investors look towards private funds instead of traditional financing?
  4. How risky our private mortgages and how can you minimize your exposure?
  5. What type of funds can you use for this type of investing? RRSP’s, TFSA’s Pension etc.
  6. The BIGGEST mistake that investors make when investing in Private mortgages.
  7. How high of an LTV (loan to value) should you consider going up?
  8. What is cross collateral and how can it provide additional safety to your deal?
  9. Where can you put your funds to get started in these types of investments?
  10. How to determine what investing strategy to use at each stage of your life.



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