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10 Jan

Episode 44 – Breaking Out of Jail Using Real Estate With Stephen Jones

On today’s show I had a chance to sit down with my good friend, realtor and entrepreneur Mr. Stephen Jones. Over the last several years he’s had some incredible achievements in the real estate investing world.

He’s shared the stage with some of the best in the industry, shared his insight on where things are in the market and how you too can become financially free.

What you will learn on this call:

  1. Why he attended the 10X Grant Cardone conference and the valuable insights he acquired
  2. What are the predictions for the market in 2019
  3. How he got started and the positive impact it had on his life and family
  4. The process on how he left his 9-5 job and the mindset required
  5. Should you invest outside of Province and how
  6. Is mindset an important ingredient to success and are their other important factors
  7. The common realization all entrepreneurs have after leaving their 9-5 job
  8. How to over coming the fear of public speaking
  9. What’s the best investing strategy in today’s market and where to buy
  10. Why buying just one investment property is the best thing you can do



Stephen Jones is a prolific Realtor®️ and Real Estate Investor whose consistent work ethic, drive, and passion have all earned him the reputation as a dedicated industry leader countrywide. Moreover, he is known as a Preferred Investment-Focused Realtor for the Real Estate Investment Network RPG Program, Keyspire, and Investor on Fire. Over the course of half a decade, he has garnered extensive hands on experience in helping fellow investors achieve their goals. In addition, he formerly served as a Manager for the Province of Ontario.

Embarking on his investment journey back in 1998, Stephen purchased his very first investment property in the heart of Pickering, Ontario for $147,000. To date, he is involved in land development and the owner of multiple properties not only in Ontario, but in Alberta and British Columbia as well. Currently, he is on a mission to assist his valued clients in building secure, lucrative real estate portfolios.

When he isn’t working directly with new investors, Stephen Jones can be found spending quality time with his wife, 4 children and his dog. He is also a voracious reader and avid traveler.

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