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10 Jan

Episode 43 – Hassle Free Real Estate Investing With Epic Alliance

On our show this month I had the privilege to have a conversation with Rochelle Laflamme and Alisa Thompson. 2 incredible entrepreneurs that stopped at nothing to achieve success against all odds.

Starting off with nothing, they now have a team of 30 Epic team members and control over 32 million dollars worth of real estate.

What you will learn on the call:

  1. How meeting in jail started them down a path that would change their lives forever
  2. Why opposites can make great business partners
  3. How they acquired 28 properties worth $5 million in their 3rd year in business
  4. What’s more important, the money or the mindset?
  5. How turning a problem for one into a solution for many can create unbelievable wealth?
  6. Why personal growth is the most important tool to have in your belt
  7. What HELP is and how it can make your real estate investing life very easy.
  8. Is Saskatchewan a good market to invest in?
  9. Where most beginning investors make their mistake and how to avoid the trap.
  10. Do you need to be brought up in an entrepreneur household to be an entrepreneur?



Rochelle Laflamme and Alisa Thompson are a dynamic pair of real estate entrepreneurs.  Over five years ago, after gaining years of experience in the electrical industry, they started Epic Alliance Inc. with a mission to simplify and streamline residential real estate investing. As female electricians and trades women they have an unfair advantage of being able to pick the right properties.

The knowledge they gained from some of the best real estate mentors, including Rich Dad Poor Dad coaching and Fortune Builders was the founding pillars of what these EPIC women do and believe in.   The company was awarded the “Most Creative Deal of the Year” in North America by Fortune Builders in 2016.

From its humble beginnings, Epic Alliance Inc. has grown into the company it is today with a residential rest estate portfolio that controls over 220 doors with more being added each day.

With the help of our 30 Epic Team Members and our investment partners Epic Alliance Inc. is in control of over 32 million dollars of real estate.

Epic Alliance Inc. is exceptional at leveraging their knowledge, expertise and creativity to facilitate win-win opportunities in residential real estate deals.


Contact Epic Alliance


Alisa’s cell at (306) 717-3351

Rochelle’s Cell (306)717-7848

Office (306)665-4663

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