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10 Jan

Episode 42 – From $98.25 in my Account to Millions With Ankur Puri

On our show this month I had the chance to discuss the success Ankur has had, from his journey from India to Canada and how he turned his early failures into massive success!

In a twist of fate, our journey’s crossed path’s early in both of our careers on a deal we worked on that changed his life forever. An incredible story of how perseverance and hard work can alter your life for the better.

What you will learn on this call;

  1. How facing your fears can change your life for the better
  2. The one book that completely changed Ankur’s live forever
  3. How his first investment created a $10,000 profit
  4. The importance of creating a database of investors
  5. How to analyze a wholesale deal and what to charge
  6. How No Money Down is based on Relationships
  7. How sharing the stage with Kevin Harrington was a game changer
  8. The BIGGEST mistake most wholesalers make in the beginning
  9. Why building your brand is important for your business
  10. Why Having the right relationship with money is important

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Ankur Puri is a Successful Strategic Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Mentor and upcoming Author.

He has shared stages with Legends like Kevin Harrington (Original Shark Tank), Raymond Arron, and Dr. Ona Brown. He has been featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine / CREW, Local Newspapers, podcasts and many more.

After immigrating to Canada in 2010, Ankur worked in a restaurant for close to minimum wage. With No Money, No Credit or Experience, he decided to quit his job to follow his passion for Real Estate.

With only $98.25 left to his name, he made his first successful deal netting him $10,000 dollars.

Since then, Ankur has done all his deals No Money Down and has flipped over 18 properties in 3 Years with Net Profits of 1.2+ Million Dollars. As an “Expert Strategist”, Ankur has created massive wealth for himself and is well known among his J.V. Partners for producing 20%-30%++ ROI.

Ankur is dedicated to help others achieve their success through his Seminars, Closed Group Masterminds and Absolute Success 1 on 1 Mentoring Program.

He says, “J.V. Partnership is like Short-Term Marriage leading to Long-Term Relationships.”

He believes, “A Real Investor makes Money either way the Market Turns.”

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