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10 Jan

Episode #40 – The Different Stages of Real Estate Investing with Mathew Frederick

On our show this month, I had the privilege to sit down with Mathew Frederick. Mathew is a master of bringing investors together through partnerships and has acquired the skill sets to create a win/win situation for his clients and students.

Mathew is a professional speaker and has spoken to over 100,000 Canadians over the last 8 years on a number of investing strategies including Lease Options, Tax Sales, Buy/Fix Sales, Foreclosures.

Mathew began his career as a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve where leadership and strategic thinking was honed while studying Computer Systems Technology and upon graduation worked as a Systems Analyst for a major bank.

Mathew began a decade of teaching Computer Business Systems at a private school which included computer software applications. His teaching method of big-picture awareness, practical knowledge, and hands-on training resulted in sustained learning and success for his students.

While teaching he began investing in residential real estate learning how to find, analyse, negotiate, finance, upgrade, tenant and manage rental income property.

Today Mathew designs and teaches business, sales, and real estate courses. He has achieved great success but also made his share of business mistakes. Through success and adversary, Mathew has learned the value of resilience, fortitude, team work, partnership and hope.

What you will learn on this call;
• Does it matter where and how you grew up to be successful?
• Why your current job is important to your success in the future.
• How to keep growing your portfolio when you hit the brick wall.
• The best place to find deals where most investors never look.
• How to make a VTB attractive to the seller.
• What’s the biggest reason most investors fail in Real Estate Investing?
• Why integrity is important and how it can affect your taxes.
• How to transition from residential to commercial with ease.
• The art of raising money and why you should master it.
• Why self storage units could be the way of the future of investing.
• Why is it important to teach what you’ve learned to others?
• The importance of understanding body language.

Contact Mathew Frederick

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 280-440-233

Mathew’s real estate career began with residential income property, then expanded to buy-fix-sell, lease option, commercial buildings and new development. Mathew has lead on renovating properties over 28 years which includes partnering with a developer over the past 6 years to build houses and low-rise condo buildings.

Mathew focuses on asset managing commercial portfolios including plazas and multi-family buildings plus coaching investors in business and real estate acquisition. Mathew knows what it’s like to lay in bed at night, unable to sleep due to financial pressures. It is this experience that propels him to teach financial stability.

“Seeing my clients meet their personal and financial goals is a complete joy.” Mathew Frederick

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