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10 Jan

Episode #39 – Becoming A Local Councillor in Ajax with Ashmeed Khan

On our show this month I had the privilege to sit down with Ashmeed Khan. Ashmeed came from Guyana and started a franchise called Minuteman Press, a print company. He learned the value of door knocking, being a part of the community and by putting himself out there he has grown a huge network. By doing this, it’s opened his eyes to the things that are good in Ajax but also the things that need to change now. This journey has aspired Ashmeed to run for Local Councillor and to be the voice of the people in his community.

VOTE: Monday October 15th – Monday October 22nd

What you will learn on this call:
• What does a Local Councillor do for your city, town etc.?
• Can anyone in the community become councillor?
• Is a councillor affiliated with a political party?
• Issues in the community and how he plans to resolve them?
• How Ashmeed has taken at risk youths under his wings.
• His plans to create jobs within the community.
• The value of bringing his entrepreneur mindset to Council.
• Why quality, family and time is important to Ashmeed.

Contact Ashmeed Khan

Cellphone: (905)706-9239
Social Media:

He is the president of Minuteman Press-Pickering & brings over 25 yrs of business expertise to the print industry.

The Climb:
At age 23 he singlehandedly built his 1st successful print shop in Guyana. He adventurously decided to move to Canada in 2002, where in 2006 he opened his 1st Minuteman Press franchise store on Harwood Ave in Ajax.
Success followed by acquiring 2 more existing Minuteman Press stores in Oshawa & Kingston within the next 3 yrs. The 3 stores were then amalgamated into 1 large facility, he purchased on McPherson Ct. in Pickering, where all clients are being served by an expertly trained team.

Building a Network:
Ash maintains that the wisest move made when opening in Ajax was immediately becoming a member of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce & Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade, active for the past 12 yrs & is the recipient of their 2010 Business Excellence Award & in October 2014 awarded Business Person of the Year!

He’s currently a Director of the APBOT & Chairs it’s Diversity Committee. He has also served for 4 yrs as Ambassador of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce & as advisor to the Recreation and Culture Committee of Town of Ajax. Ashmeed is also currently serving alongside several high profile colleagues on the Ajax Community Fund Grants Task Force. The most recent appointment is his being drafted amongst top entrepreneurs & surgeons to build the Shoulder Centre of the Ajax Hospital.

He has worked closely for the past 12 yrs with the YMCA and John Howard Society, hiring challenged candidates who are unfortunately considered by “society”, unemployable, mentoring & teaching them his trade skills in the print industry to help prepare them for a better future.

Residing more than 16 yrs in Nottingham of north Ajax with his wife Shelly of over 23 years, & his 5 children by his side, he enjoys life to it’s fullest. His 2 daughters are 20 & 6 years old.
Ash & his 3 sons aged 19, 16 and 11 are all currently active in MMA & Boxing.

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