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10 Jan

Episode #38 – How To Break The Freedom Barrier with Joey Ragona

On our show this month I had the opportunity to discuss an important topic with a great friend of mine, Joey Ragona. Joey has done wonders for my business and family life. How?

He coached Darlene and I for over 2 years and helped us implement strategies, processes and a taught us a proven methodical way of tacking issues and how to efficiently run a fulltime real estate investment company.

Joey Ragona is a full-time real estate investor, a #1 bestselling author, a recognized authority on joint ventures and the creator of the highly acclaimed Joint Venture Presentation Formula.

Joey is an in-demand strategic business and personal coach and known as the “freedom coach” because of his extensive results getting people clear and on track. He has a proven track record and has helped hundreds of real estate professionals including individuals from Re/Max, Century-21, i-Pro Realty, Dominion Lending as well as organizations such as the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and Rock Star Brokerage.

Joey has spent significant time training exclusively with some of the world’s highest achievers to share their sets of tools, beliefs, system and strategies with his clients helping them build a stable and fulfilling business with true life balance and freedom. Meet Joey at and

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What you’ll learn on this call:
•Should you make sacrifices to get to the lifestyle you want?
•What’s the best way to change your bad habits?
•Should you hire a coach or mentor to hold you accountable?
•How long should you stay with your mentor/coach?
•Is Real Estate investing your true passion?
•How much money do you need to make to be truly happy?
•What are the 2 stages of learning?
•Why is failure such an important part of learning and success?
•Why using sticky notes could completely change your life.
•How to compress 1 year goals into 12 weeks.
•How to read 1 book each and every week.

Sit back relax and enjoy this month’s Podcast!

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