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10 Jan

Episode #36 – Getting The Right Insurance For Your Investments with Alex Bell

This month I had the opportunity to discuss an important topic with a great friend of mine, Alex Bell. Many investors get into this business, spend lots on down payments, renovations and maintenance of their investment property but many times over look the single most important thing.


This month we are going to do a deep dive into the world of house insurance, the mistakes many investors make and how to ensure you are properly covered to protect one of your most important assets.

Sit back relax and enjoy this month’s Podcast!

What you’ll learn on this call:
• Having the pen and what that means for an Insurance Broker
• Common mistakes investors make when insuring their investment properties
• Should you insure your investment property as a rider on your primary residence?
• How to protect yourself from floods and sewer back-ups?
• Should you get tenant vandalism and is it worth the cost?
• What is tenant vacancy and should you get it?
• What is rental income insurance and should you get it?
• What is a builder’s risk policy and should you get it during a renovation?
• Should you get your tenants to get their own insurance and can you enforce it?
• What is the difference between stated amount and replacement cost insurance?
• What type of insurance do you need for air-bnb and short-term rentals?

“I am a real estate investor but my core business is as a Commercial Insurance Broker with a focus/specialization in the Real Estate vertical. My entire practice is focused exclusively on working with real estate investors and developers and I have access to best in class solutions/products throughout every stage of the real estate cycle. Simply put, due to the focus/expertise in this space I have been able to negotiate better rates/terms with insurance companies for real estate investors and property management groups. The goal or deliverable to my clientele is to advocate as a trusted advisor and provide mentoring with respect to the insurance piece when it pertains to real estate investing.”

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