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10 Jan

Episode #34 – The Mindset To Joint Venture Success with Mandy Branham

On our show this month I had the privilege to sit down with an individual who has definitely become a leader and well respected entrepreneur in the world of Real Estate investing.

Mandy Branham first starting investing in real estate in 2007. For several years she sat on the sidelines and one day she decided to turn on the rockets and in the last couple of years has acquired close to 40 homes through understanding the power of Joint Ventures.

What you’ll learn on this call:
• Why coaching is important and will it get you to your destination faster?
• How do you overcome the fear of starting your first Joint Venture?
• Why your first few Joint Venture deals may not work out the way you planned?
• What are red flags to pick up on before you partnering up?
• How to easily attract your next partner with money when you don’t have any?
• What’s more important, selling yourself or selling the deal?
• How to structure your deals and the most common splits used?
• Where is the best place to find your joint venture partners?
• Why would someone give you $100,000 and how do you overcome this obstacle?
• Can having the right mindset really transform your life forever?
• What are the most important elements every Joint Venture agreement must have?
• How do you protect yourself if your name is not on title?

Mandy Branham is a community leader in providing clean, safe, appropriate housing. She has recently shared the stage at the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Forum teaching about Joint Venture Relationships. She has been featured on the LifeStyle Housing Pod Cast speaking on Becoming a Market Expert.

She is an avid promoter of the value of Real Estate as part of a diversified Investment Portfolio. Mandy is an innovator who is always looking for ways to add value to others with a smile on her face and gratitude in her heart.

Mandy’s Favourite Quote Favourite quote – Always in the right place at the right time to meet the right people to make the right deal

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