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10 Jan

Episode #31 – Classic Financial Planning Mistakes with Kathleen Van Den Berg

This month I had the chance to really understand why so many Canadians find themselves working paycheque to paycheque. Learn the classic financial mistakes so many Canadians are making and what you can do to create a financial plan that will change your life forever.

Kathleen says, Debt reduction is not the path to wealth creation! GREAT ADVICE!!

What you will learn on this call:
• What’s involved in developing a comprehensive plan?
• What are the top key wealth strategies Kathleen recommends?
• Common mistakes most Canadians make with financial planning?
• What is the difference between good debt and bad debt?
• Will the pension be there or will a tax hike be coming?
• Are RRSP’s a better tax tool or a better retirement tool?
• Should you get a long or short amortization for your investment?
• Can you really get a 20% rate of return on an investment property?
• What to pay attention to when deciding on your mortgage?
• What is permanent insurance and should Canadians get this?

Kathleen Van Den Berg is a Certified Financial Planner who believes there are many aspects of traditional planning methods that are fundamentally flawed. She loves to write about the common financial mistakes she sees in her practice.

Kathleen specializes in working with individuals and families to improve cash flow and help them build significantly greater wealth projections over their current plans. As a strong advocate of real estate and rental properties, she actively includes real estate as one of the six key components in her clients’ wealth building plans.

She owns 6 properties, including 5 rental properties. Helping clients create phenomenal wealth and having a lot of fun doing it is her “why”.

Contact Kathleen Van Den Berg
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Group: Durham Money Matters

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