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09 Jan

Episode #3 – Joint Venture Partnership Made Easy with Joey Ragona

What you will learn on this interview

• The single most important thing you need to be a successful Real Estate investor
• Why building a strong team can take your investing career to the next level
• The danger of information overload and how to avoid this trap many investors fall into
• To find JV partners, there is one single thing that every investor needs to do
• When A JV partner says… “I’ll think about it” and how to overcome this response
• How to protect yourself in a Joint Venture Partnership
• Why people fail when putting together there JV partnership and how to correct your pitch
• Why sticky notes can completely change your life and why you should buy some right now

Joey Ragona is the CEO of JDR Investments, a professional real estate investment company, founder of Engaged and the creator Real Estate Joint Venture Presentation Formula.
A full-time investor since 2007 and joint venture specialist and he is an in-demand high performance coach helping real estate entrepreneurs get “unstuck” to build a business that returns personal freedom without sacrificing their lives.
His lifetime business knowledge, experience and marketing expertise has already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find clarity and define new systems and strategies to create a stable business that no longer controls their lives giving them the true freedom they’ve always wanted.

As for the coaches and mentors I’ve trained with (some are still to this day) Greg Habstritt, John Assaraf, Brendon Burchard, Eben Pagan.

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