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10 Jan

Episode #27 – The Smart Approach To Wholesaling with Allison Corey

There are more and more people interested in wholesaling BUT… does it really work?

Is it possible to get started with very little money or none at all?

On this call you will learn from one of the best in the industry, Allison Corey and how she took wholesaling to the next level.

What you will learn on this call:
• Can you get into Wholesaling without having much cash?
• The best way to find investors and having the conversation
• Can you effectively wholesale without using bandit signs?
• Who do you need on your power team to get started?
• What contracts to use and how do you assign the agreement?
• How do you know if you have a great deal in front of you?
• What is the single most important thing when wholesaling?
• Who do you need on your power team to be successful?

Born and raised in Canada, I lived primarily in Southern Ontario. I have 2 daughters currently in college, and I worked part time in the beauty industry and 30 years in the hairstyling industry. My gift has been to manage and organize businesses.

In 2006 I purchased a floundering hair salon and created systems to make it profitable, reselling it after 8yrs. That same year I also purchased a golf photography business and in turn helped head office restructure their website, technology and streamline their products and services offered.

I got Involved with real estate in 2013. Primarily I have been purchasing multi units and lease options for wholesale, now moving into fix and flips. I participate in speaking engagements for real estate investment companies and write blogs for 2 different companies for online subscriptions.

Contact Allison Corey
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 905-229-9146

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