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10 Jan

Episode #19 – How To Create A Healthy Wallet with Marla McAlpine

What you will learn on this call:
• Do budgets work?
• Should you focus on real estate assets or mutual funds?
• What is an MER and what should you know about them?
• What types of stocks should you invest in?
• How to find $3,300 per month on average for homeowners
• How your financial habits are keeping you back in life
• The importance of creating a cash flow plan

Marla McAlpine is Founder, CEO and “Chief Money Finder” with Healthy Wallet. Based in the Greater Toronto Area, she helps find more money and create more cash flow for what matters to them. Marla has her MBA, is a Certified Cash Flow Specialist, Money Coach and a Mortgage Agent.

She works with homeowners from Ontario and across Canada to help them find on average an extra $3,300 per month after tax from their current income (with no new money!), get out of debt sooner and create more cash flow with that extra money. You can find out more at

Contact Marla McAlpine
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-470-4884

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