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10 Jan

Episode #17 – Use Your Locked In Pension And RRSPs To Earn 8-12% No Fees with Chris Nichilo

What you will learn from this call:
• How to protect your investment when lending your money out?
• What do you do when the borrower doesn’t pay you back?
• Why is it important to have an exit strategy in place?
• What are the 3 strategies to ensure you are always protected?
• Why understanding loan to value can make or break your deal?
• Strategies you need to know to ensure the borrower doesn’t default?

Chris Nichilo from Magnetic Mortgages will be showing you how to;
Invest in Real Estate without being a Landlord
Use your RRSP’s and TFSA’s to create predictable and consistent returns.

All this while having the security of brick and mortar Real Estate.

Does this sound to good to be true? – It’s definitely too good NOT to be missed!

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