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27 Apr

BONUS Episode 61 – Sarah Larbi

In this episode, Gary was a guest on Sarah Larbi’s podcast, a real estate investor, speaker, podcaster and mentor with many years of experience. They had a wide-ranging discussion on many topics, such as investing, currency, and how business will need to innovate and change to survive this pandemic for the future.

What you’ll learn

  • Gary’s opinions on money, and the historical significance of investing
  • The significance of WW1 and investing
  • the significance of gold on currencies
  • Why countries aligned their currencies to the US dollar in 1944 and became FIAT currency
  • Why wars caused these countries to print money, and the ramifications
  • 1971 Nixon unpegged the currency and the dollar became paper!
  • How COVID-19 interrupted economies, and why countries will have to print TRILLIONS of dollars to keep the economies going * What will be the plan to deal with all this excess currency, is it inflation?
  • Will governments be able to bail out or rescue every business affected?
  • What is the silver lining in this crisis – innovation, and what it means!
  • How jobs will change, move or be made redundant * How the workforce may change due to COVID changes, and how will the culture change – ‘water cooler’, traffic, etc.
  • How local manufacturing, vs foreign may dominate the future
  • How we’re repositioning our business to prepare for the future
  • Why some investors are worried about being over leveraged
  • Why good landlords are having more success, both now and during non-pandemic times
  • How landlords can innovate to accept alternate forms of payment if needed
  • House price predictions for the future
  • And MORE!


Sarah Larbi had the drive and focus to embark, build and grow a seven-figure, 10 property investment portfolio by her early 30’s, all whilst full-time employed. Known as the BRRRR Expert, her results-oriented approach has been featured in numerous Canadian media, on the stage at events like Canadian Real Estate Wealth Investor Forum and as a guest on many North American finance-focused podcasts.

Sarah hosts her own podcast “Where Should I Invest?”, which reached the Top 50 of All Time for Canadian Investing on Apple podcasts and is also co-founder of The REITE Club and co-hosts their own successful podcast.


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